Personalize Your Direct Marketing for Increased Response Rates

When you send out 1000 postcards on average only 10-20 people will respond to your offer. That means 98% of people will throw your mail piece in the trashcan.

I truly believe in the power of using postcards but there are 3 issues that I want to address to help you improve your response rates.

1) Sending out boring, generic postcards. With today’s technology you are able to personalize every piece of direct mail you send. A few years ago you had to print 1000′s of postcards and the only thing that could change with the address of the recipient. Today you can use Variable Data Printers and every single postcard can be printed differently. So for example you could write “Jim, we value you as a customer….” and the next one could say “John, we look forward to you being one of our valuable customers..”

2) Postcards are too small to include your full message. Postcards have very limited space to get your full message across. You could send them to your main website but then they are distracted by all of the information.

Did you know 42% of people would rather respond online to a direct mail piece then call a phone number? The solution to getting your message delivered to the recipient is create personalized landing pages (PURL). So for example the url would be [] and when Joe visits that page it is personalized to Joe. It could include his name, company name, products he has purchased in the past and it could even include a personalized message for him. This technique will dramatically increase your response rates as recipients feel a connection with you because you are speaking directly to them. You can even display different pictures on the landing page depending on if the visitor is a Male of Female.

3) Sending postcards can be expensive. If you design professional personalized postcards you can actually decrease your marketing expenses because your response rates will go up. I have seen response rates from 10-46% by using personalization techniques. Now instead of receiving 10-20 people respond you might get 100-460. You can capture the recipients email address on the personalized landing page and if they do not buy from you on the first visit you are able to automatically send them email messages. On average it takes 7 marketing messages before a customer buys your product. With traditional postcard marketing you are unable to capture the names and emails of prospects that are interested in your product but do not buy right away. It is very valuable to have an email list of prospects for your product.

Using these 3 techniques should help you increase your response rates and decrease your marketing expenses.

Who Sells To Whom? Internet Marketing and Good Sense

Who’s Selling What To Whom? What does internet marketing have to be, anyway?Nothing is just black or white. Not really. If you are someone who can only deal with issues when you believe that the simplest answers (or any single answers), although frequently the correct ones, are absolute and always the right or even appropriate ones, then you have a serious problem.Many, if not most of us tend to be rather a little lazy or impatient concerning much of what we do and expect in our lives. We want success and faster is better than slower. We want answers to questions how to achieve certain goals and simple is better than complex. We want immediate gratification but that is usually too slow. So we end up frequently going about our business based on what sounds like a good or plausible idea, using trial and error after making our decision to “make it work.” But more frequently than not, it doesn’t.As a result of this kind of approach which, by the way, we do not generally alter from decision to decision, we tend instead to just become more suspicious and untrusting about new offers to us and believe that by becoming that way we are practicing some “learning” (from our “mistakes”) that has occurred making it more likely we will become successful…next time.Not!Sure, if you swing at enough balls you probably will hit some, but what most of us want is something a little better than just a pat on the head. So what is most likely to improve the odds of achieving some real success, especially in something like internet marketing? First of all, people who approach this goal and who are in the camp I describe above (denial is not a river in Africa, my friends) need to first of all get a grip, look at what was described, take some responsibility for it if appropriate, and NOT judge themselves. It is, after all, not who you are but what you do that we need to look at here. If you have been unsuccessful following a certain pattern of behavior it does not mean you are a failure, you are stupid or you are anything you want to call yourself out of frustration or perhaps self-pity. Forget about that. It is only about what you have been doing, and you can change that any time you decide to.
So the first thing you need to do is simply get the right attitude. It should contain some of the following: If something looks too easy it’s not the whole story. But that does not mean that it is worthless. Internet marketing is rife with magic answers to universal obstacles. There is something of value in most proposals, but if you are looking for a quick answer on what it is, you are missing potential opportunity. The thing is, the opportunity may be something totally different that just what is being presented. Things can have value in ways they are not being shown. Keep your mind open before you reject an idea. There could be something else in it that suits you better. Think “creative.”
Do not expect answers to be simple and/or absolute. Internet marketing, for example, is not something you should expect to have real success in simply and cheaply. If someone is trying to present you with a gizmo that will earn you kilobucks while you sleep, you should not expect it to that simple. Sometimes, however, going back to a previous point, some of these gizmos have some other value which we could implement within a larger framework and actually use some of its capabilities “differently” and benefit thereby. Think out of the box.
Always check sources and remember to check your own biases when doing a search for information. This requires self-honesty. Think of yourself as a military strategist, or an LAPD detective: Just the facts, Ma’am. Be ready to admit it when you find what you believe has proven incorrect and immediately change your behavior (it’s what you DO) to stop the bleeding and begin accumulating.
One of the biggest businesses on the web, besides porn, is web marketing businesses. Gurus abound. Web business products keep showing up on a daily basis. A few people have actually gotten rich in this business and some have produced real quality doing it. In my personal opinion, Andy Jenkins who is a NY trained videographer is one person who has created extraordinary material and who sells it on line. Anyone wanting to learn video will do well to look up this guy. Never a penny wasted here. He’s also a good guy and really offers excellent personal support as well as bona fide lessons/ info.Brian Fanale and Norbert over at MLSP have created a huge organization to get people up and running and have done a wonderful and reputable job. Unlike what you learn from someone like Andy which you can use for anything you like, what you get from MLSP is more centered on the marketing of marketing, and most of that is MLSP product. Their stuff is very professional and you could use MLSP to sell anything you like with great support. I suspect, and I could be wrong, that most of what people do with all that content is just turn around and sell it to other people who want to set up web businesses. As long as there is still a market for that, it works great. But you are not locked in to that if you want to use MLSP technology to set up a sales medium for an MLM or a GPT, for example.Learning to make videos from Jenkins continues to serve me whenever, and accessing the goodies of MLSP is often very helpful in some of my endeavors, but I have found that training people is only one way to create a web business. For some it is the whole deal. Selling marketing products to increase your list size, or increase opt-in rates is another huge market. Anyone who is looking to start an internet business and doesn’t know how they want to go about it is a potential buyer, as is someone who wants to increase their list size or opt-in rate.Product sales is the big opportunity many look over, but the potential is huge. Affiliate marketing, direct marketing, eBaying with dropshipping companies like DOBA are just a few other directions you could take. But success in anything, product or information/ training, depends on marketing…and the answers on how to do that is the basis for everything we are speaking about here today. It’s all about marketing and there are no short-cuts. There are no quick success gizmos. There are no easy to learn answers. It’s not rocket science. You don’t need to be a genius to succeed in it, but you do have to concentrate on what you are doing, keep focused on what you have to do, be persistent in doing it, test everything you do and keep testing it and changing it, and keep it up. It’s work. It’s time. You need to find out what is really necessary and repeat it. Examine the marketing programs of those who are successful and copy them as closely as you can. Find out why they make the decisions they make and apply that information to your own business. Hey! There are no shortcuts here. Sorry.Like anything else in this world of any real value, you get out what you put in. Lottery winners are the exception, and if that is your retirement plan I wish you Godspeed! Truly.I don’t know how many of you have read this up to this point. But if you have, I think it speaks well of you because nowhere here have I offered any quick, cheap, guaranteed, easy fixes. I have been speaking from the heart and sharing knowledge which I have gained over many years in different businesses and which I know to be as reliable as one could reasonably expect.Reasonably. I do wish you success and will always answer any emails from people seriously looking to succeed and do the work that requires. Marketing can be learned and can be budgeted, both time and money. If you are not prepared to invest these two primary elements in yourself, then you are not prepared to succeed. If you are willing to be honest with yourself, keep open to learning and doing what the successful businesses do and are willing to follow up with your mind, your body and your money, you will be a success. Most people just won’t do this. That’s why there is an upper “5%”:-) Those who do, will..those who won’t will never. (Lottery winners excluded, of course).

Mobile Marketing With Foursquare

Location-based social media is one of the latest trends in mobile marketing. Sites like Foursquare offer businesses a way to market directly to consumers based on where they are at any given moment-even on-site at a business location.Foursquare is accessed via mobile devices such as Smartphones, which can run social media applications and give users the ability to perform a variety of social interactions on the go. Foursquare users can “check in” when they arrive at a location, essentially alerting others to their whereabouts in real time. The ability to sync Foursquare with both Facebook and Twitter gives these check ins a wide reach across multiple social networks.Businesses who wish to take advantage of this can sign up for a Foursquare account. However, before starting a targeted marketing campaign, it’s important to become familiar with how the platform works. Knowing what tools are available will make it easier to utilize Foursquare as a tool for business growth.Check ins make it easy to reward loyal customers. By checking in, users are broadcasting a business name and location to other users, thereby giving the location more exposure. Businesses can encourage this action by offering a special coupon or item to users who check in a certain number of times. Giving first-time check ins a deal as well can encourage new customers to become repeat customers.Mayors are Foursquare users who have checked into a certain location more than anyone else in the past 60 days. The quest to become Mayor of a location spurs friendly competition, and businesses can take advantage of this from a mobile marketing standpoint. Offering Mayor-only specials encourages repeat visits, bringing customers back as they attempt to earn a discount coupon or free item.Badges can be earned for checking in at a location a certain number of times, at a certain time of day, or for other specific criteria. It’s possible for a business to offer a special or custom badge, thereby increasing visibility across the Foursquare network. Like becoming a Mayor, there is a competitive nature to earning badges that keeps people coming back to a location.Foursquare is just one of many location-based social media services that are growing in popularity. By getting involved and learning the platform, businesses can expand their marketing reach within the growing world of social media.